Marketing Lessons Learned for Startups

Lesson #1 Companies shouldn’t wait until product launch to employ a marketer

As Friedlein confirms, “marketers should sit at the board table and help set strategy.”

A company that understands their key target personas and how to reach them within today’s complex marketing ecosystem, before product development, is one step ahead.

At product decision stage, it may not be viable to employ a full time marketing professional. For 1 or 2 days a week, ask a marketing consultant to help you with direction to get your product on the right track from day one.

Lesson #2 Marketers and product development are not mutually exclusive

When you bring in your UX lead, you should also include a commercially focused and customer centric Marketing Manager in those meetings. A marketer who understands customer acquisition and retention can help you refine your user experience.

Lesson #3 You can afford to invest in marketing

Companies starting out seem to push the product through their cold calling sales team and perform minimal marketing.

Warm inbound leads that are a result of your marketing are more valuable for your business than leads served cold. Evaluate the number of confirmed sales vs. the hours spent by your sales team chasing them.

You have the opportunity from the outset for inbound marketing to work in harmony with your sales force.

Lesson #4 You will get value for money

Digital marketing is transparent. A seasoned marketer understands conversion and how to get it. We are not satisfied with cost per click, we want to see cost per acquisition of each marketing channel and the dollar value of sales generated.

We love to evaluate and optimise to make sure clients or employers are getting value for money. There is nowhere to hide.